Here are some questions for you to think about before we first meet up.
01) Are you happy with your current state of finance and would you like it to be further improved? Is your planning relevant with the current times?
02) Have you thought about why you would need to work with a financial advisor?
03) Do you feel any emotions of fear or greed when you deal with your own investments?
04) What is the goal you need to achieve by which age? How old do you plan to live till? And what is your strategy to get you there?
05) If a critical illness strikes, do you have a back up income stream and how long does it last for you and your family?
06) What kind of emotional behavior do you have when markets drop sharply? What if it drops further and further?
07) What is your asset allocation with regards to your investments?
08) What is your unexpected risks that you are taking with your current investment strategy?
09) Have you done your estate planning with financial planning considerations in mind?
10) Is there any person that you would not like your assets to go to? Eg child in law’s future spouse, an ex-spouse etc
11) Can you see your own blindspot with regards to overall financial planning?
12) As a business owner, what is your succession strategy and how do you plan to keep your key staff with you? How does your family have to clear out the outstanding debts that you have created for your business?
13) How do you plan to take on more risk with more protection at the same time? As your financial car gets bigger, you will need bigger suspensions to minimize the bounce of the financial risks. Is your current suspension still relevant to your bigger car?
14) How can $1mil + $1mil = $3mil? We help you design it that way.
15) How much of your guaranteed income is for lifetime?
16) Have you brought creativity and a different perspective to your existing portfolio of planning?
17) Are you aware that all of us have certain bias for investments? What is your bias for your investments and how do you avoid bias to aid you to get you to your goals
18) Do you wish you had more time off and less effort to your work?
19) Why do you work so hard for?
The list of questions go on and on. But it all starts with the end in mind. Let us help you with the 3C’s. We give you Clarity, reduce unnecessary Costs and avoid Confusion in the most unexpected of times.