1a) BusinessPlanning1

Business Planning

You have created a successful business. How do you then ensure that it continues to thrive? We design ways to protect what you have built and continue your onward expansion through conversations such as business succession, protecting your keyman and ensuring that you have a funded buy-sell agreement between partners.

2a) InsurancePlanning1

Insurance Planning

This is the biggest shield of financial planning in case something unexpected and untimely happens. We can grow our wealth at all costs, but if this piece is not set up, all your hard earn savings will go down the drain.

3a) RiskManagement1

Risk Management

Have you identified the hidden risks involved in your asset structures? When clients invest, they tend to look at the upside potential but hardly notice the downside risks. Careful planning helps protect you from unnecessary risks.

4a) LegacyPassing1

Legacy Planning or Philanthropic Giving

Affluent families want to leave behind a meaningful legacy but yet do not want to ruin the lives of your children by giving too much. We provide valuable insights to help you realize your vision. What kind of legacy would you want to leave behind that can be meaningful and lasting?

5a) ProbatePlanning1

Probate or Administration Planning

Death within the family creates emotionally loss and many steps need to be taken post death. To turn to a trusted source who can help get the grant of probate and or letter of administration with a reasonable cost helps the family to cope well.

Watering can and money tree drawn on a blackboard concept for business investment, savings and making money

Investment Planning

We often are blinded by the emotions of greed and fear which cause us to make irrational decisions. To help you be confident about your investment planning, we regularly conduct sessions to educate you and work through challenging times with you.

7a) EstatePlanning1

Estate Planning with Financial Planning

Estate Planning is a delicate process of planning for the transference of wealth from one generation to another with proper financial planning considerations. Since you have worked hard to build it up, you should also protect and preserve the assets with minimal costs, confusion and conflicts.

Business woman pushing heavy debt uphill. Business concept

Debt Management

Debts are almost a part of life. This can affect your cashflow and create pressure subtlely, playing an important part in planning for your financial goals and objectives. Is there a good or a bad loan? We help you to address the questions you have with regards to your loan.

9a) SpecialNeeds1

Special Needs Planning

Caring for a special needs family member can be challenging. You would want to ensure that the same standard of living and care continues throughout, even long after the care-giver is no longer able to.

10a) Retirement1

Retirement Planning

The biggest problems are the fact that you do not know when your expiry date will be, when you will fall sick and how much extra medical costs is incurred, whilst dealing with a real effect of inflation.